For the Chai Addict!

I have no clue how I stumbled upon these super unique tea kettles and tea pots. Maybe my inner Chai instinct hooked in on a clue from the universe and led me to it…? I spotted a few of these and instantly I was on Google searching for more. Weird how you can get on the internet to google “where to find Thai tea mix in Houston” only to find yourself doing something entirely unrelated one hour later. Focus Henna…Focus! But I couldn’t just let these tea sets bypass your lens. So…I share!

If I can get a hold of these, I promise everyone High Tea at my house every Saturday!

 A Fairy Tale Apothecary Call the Police Espresso Goldilocks InkPot Let's Travel Lionel My Life Paris Retro Rock 'n' Roll Sink in The 1920s The Clock The Phone The Piano The Seamstress Dunk it Vintage Type it away Vintage Pump


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