Meet Peter Gould

“Peter’s photography is as much about the spiritual as it is about the visual, offering no questions or answers but rather affording the viewer to simply being in that moment and that moment at first glance seems to curiously exist without time or consequence. This is the true beauty of Peter’s work where there is a present quietness about it that shares the essence of purpose of the art and architecture of the past through contemporary mediums, one of the quintessential markers of the true Muslim artist.”

Nur Shkembi, Curator, Islamic Museum Australia

Medina Arches

Medina Arches

Mecca - Kaaba Door

Mecca – Kaaba Door

Istanbul - Evening Mosque

Istanbul – Evening Mosque

Damascus - Zainab's Tomb

Damascus – Zainab’s Tomb

“Peter’s beautiful work is a welcome addition to the contemporary Islamic art scene, a mixture of deep faith and youthfulness that represents tangible modern interpretations of Islam’s everlasting beauty in mind & spirit.”

Juliana Rahim, Curator, Islamic Arts Museum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Lego Kufic

Lego Kufic

Iqra Book Shelf

Iqra Book Shelf



Peter Gould embraced Islam in 2002.

But…he didn’t quit on his creativity…

Meet Peter Gould!


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