Off the Wall

I have been following F. Schumacher & Co. for many years now hoping one day I can embed their fabrics and wallcoverings into my new home. Their vividly exquisite designs have had me hooked on their website for hours at a time. They are one of those companies who have managed to sustain versatility and quality in their designs through innovation and inspiration in this rapidly evolving world of interior design.

Today we will take a peek into their blog and Instagram page to marvel at how beautifully and eloquently they’ve managed to make wallpaper look irresistible. For a long time I was turned off by wallpaper, it reminded me of the 90s (a decade I’m not a huge fan of…I’m a child of the 80s if you know what I mean!) yet now I am actually looking forward to incorporating them into my new home.

Some of the fabric and wall designs posted here are products of Schumacher while a few may be regrams of designers they like or works of designers they have featured on their blog. Be sure to click on the links for more information as well as tune into their Pinterest page for more design eye-candy.


link here


link here


link here


link here


link here


link here

solloway-02-500 solloway-03-500

link here


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