Life’s Simple Hacks

Did you know you can use items around your house to make your life easier, simpler and better organized?

1. One-Minute Hair Reviver

Baby Powder

If you’re on the go and have no time to shower and have no dry shampoo at hand, stretch your hairstyle one more day/night by sprinkling baby powder on a brush and running it through your hair.

2. Multipurpose Beauty Lifesaver


Use it to erase mascara smudges, tame unruly eyebrows, control flyaways or coax a stubborn ring off a finger.

3. One-Liter Soda Bottle Boot Supporter

soda bottle

Insert an empty one-liter plastic bottle into a tall boot to keep it from sagging, creasing, or toppling over, making space for more shoes in your tiny closet.

4. Pencil Eraser Earring Securer

eraser on stud

If the backing for one of your earring studs goes missing or just won’t stick, slice off a disk-shaped wedge from an eraser and stick to the back of the stud.

5. Wire Hanger Static Defuser

wire hanger

To tame static on a clinging skirt, run the long side of a hanger over the surface and then underneath.

6. Vinegar Coffeemaker Cleanser

vinegar coffee maker cleanser

To get rid of buildup, fill the carafe with a solution of one part vinegar and three parts water and run the brew cycle, then run a few more cycles of water.

7. Vinegar Tag Remover

vinegar removes tags

Remove a stubborn sticker, decal or price tag by dampening it with vinegar and letting it sit for five minutes. Then rub it off with a cotton ball or a paper towel.

8. Return-Address Label Loss Preventer

address label

Stick address labels to books, DVDs, magazines, school supplies or umbrellas, anything you are likely to lose but don’t want to lose. You may forget who you gave it or where you left it to but an honest discoverer or borrower will know where to return the item.

9. File Label Cord Identifier


Use file-folder labels as cord identifiers to minimize confusion on days where you wonder which plug to ID or disconnect.

10. Napkin Holder Bill Organizer

napkin holder

This was my tip of the day. Organize your bills as opposed to laying them on the dresser in a messy pile. What a way to make your ugly bills look pretty!

via Real Simple


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