Beautiful ways to organize your jewelry…

whippycake DIY jewelry board

This DIY jewelry board from inspires me to not just organize my jewelry in the most elegant manner but to also flood my closet with a lot more jewels than I need! The project is thorough and requires dedication with a bit of time but if you can afford all, the end product will mirror something like this which means you will be in jewel heaven:

whippycake DIY jewelry board whippycake DIY jewelry board whippycake DIY jewelry board whippycake DIY jewelry board whippycake DIY jewelry board

But…these days I’m lucky if I have time let alone dedication so if you’re like me scrambling for ideas “quick and cute”, try some of these other DIY jewelry organizing ways:

  • Sarah Ortega’s multi-purpose DIY cake platters are easy to make and let you display your stash of smaller pieces in a cute and quirky way


via tend

  •  The decoratrix blog shows us how necessary it is to flaunt bangles and save space simultaneously using plastic bottles and kitchen drawers

decoratrix decoratrix

via tend

  • Blogger Christine Marie shows us what Martha Stewart would do…quick, economical and worthy of display

ChristineMarie ChristineMarie ChristineMarie ChristineMarie ChristineMarie

via tend

  • I personally love the frame and lace combo shown on decor4all website. I believe all you need is a cheap frame from your local Goodwill store, leftover lace (or any fabric), a staple gun and voila!


Time to bring out the Martha Stewart in YOU!!!


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