Ruggles is the new black

Over the weekend, I gave a shot to Ruggles Black – the new hype in H-town. Aside from an happening ambiance, great company and impeccable dinner service provided to us by Marco, the flavors, no doubt, were amazing and enough to warrant a return. Bread was fresh (the Flatbread was my top pick!), Asian Fusion themed-food offered spices and aroma quite authentic to its origin, the meat yelled fat and at times gamey but overall the variety and uniqueness of the food is worth exploring further. And please, don’t hesitate to ask the server to mix you a non-alcoholic fruity cocktail, you won’t be disappointed.

Plenty of choices on the menu for the meat eater, veggie eater and anything else eater!

Half Lamb/Half Samosa Flatbread

Half Lamb/Half Samosa Flatbread (Samosa was the better option!)

Short Rib Biryani

Short Rib Biryani (the gravy mix with squash – I think – was taste-eeeee but the meat, I pass!)

The Dessert Tray

The Dessert Tray (apologize for the unclear, unpleasing picture but promise, you will spend most of your night devouring and deciding over these desserts!)

Chai infused tres leches

Chai infused Tres Leches (slightly different taste from the Tres Leches offered at Ruggles cafe in the Village – the chocolate ice cream combo makes it a superstar)

Local ambiance

Local ambiance (not a fan of the location, could have done a better job, you have the view of Twin Peaks – ugh – with a famous Houston haunted location to your left…nevertheless, if the weather is pleasant, the outdoor seating offers a cool breeze but be aware, the waits on Friday & Saturday nights are at least 30 minutes)


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