Oh my…

I am not a huge Ice Cream fan. I can devour a cake down my esophagus in milliseconds. But Ice Cream? I give it 4 thoughts at least. But Cloud 10 Creamery in Upper Kirby could change my perspective on Ice Cream altogether. Their eccentric yet distinctively unique flavors leave a lasting impression on the tongue and everything following the organ. And if you plan on paying the Ice Cream heaven a visit anytime soon, do try their Lavender Milk Chocolate ice cream and Rose Tea Cake with Lychee and Raspberry Mousse, a mouthful indeed!!!

Cloud 10 Creamery Cloud 10 Creamery2

Here are some of the flavors to expect this month:

  • smoked corn
  • sour cream w/banana jam
  • cardamom cream cheese
  • passion fruit w/white chocolate
  • tomato rooibos
  • hazelnut-miso
  • pink peppercorn w/strawberries
  • lavender milk chocolate
  • watermelon star anise sorbet
  • cucumber pandan sorbet

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