Glittery Princess DIY

I’ve been eager to do this DIY project for the longest time – “GLITTER SHOES“!! I went on a quest to find Glittery shoe projects on Pinterest eons ago and had bookmarked a couple from LoveMaegan, a blogger I love love and love! Here are two of her simple projects: 1. DIY Glitter Cap Toe Shoes, and 2. Glitter Sneakers – Miu Miu Inspired. I also found this another Glitter shoe DIY on A Little Glass Box. Anyhow, projects aren’t that different from one another; they just give you a few designs to toggle with.

So as my little Princess’s (my niece’s) birthday approached, I had the perfect gift idea!!!

I started off with the basics:

  • Shoes
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam sponges (for glue & glitter application)
  • Glitter (silver & pink)
  • Cardboard box (to keep the mess at minimum)
  • Pink Ribbon (from Michael’s)

I embarked on the mission to create GLITTER SHOES for my Birthday Princess incorporating tips from all 3 DIY projects listed below. As the night progressed, I found myself a complete nervous wreck on the 5th hour of my 2-hour project and while I blew a big “whew” once I was finished with my prized craft, I realized I took no pictures of the project. Ah! The life of a rookie crafter!

The pictures suck but I promise the finished project was pretty awesome. My niece was all smiles and blushes, she wore the shoes in no time with no hesitation and I high-fived myself with 4 cupcakes and 5 macaroons baked by my awesome sister!

Happy Birthday Malai!!!

20140503_152451 20140503_153328 20140503_153337


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