3 Amazing Diet Coke Can Hacks

Yesterday I shared a post by WhatsUpMoms on how you can transform mason jars into 3 items to use around the house.

Today we look at what you can do with those leftover diet coke cans when you’re done cleaning your toilet with them ūüėČ


3 Easy Mason Jar Hacks

Yeah, I’m kinda obsessed with Mason Jars…

Can’t blame me. They¬†are pretty damn versatile. And¬†their charm remains universal.

Watch WhatsUpMoms transform simple mason jars into 3 cool items you can use around the house!

Tomorrow I’ll share what this lady can do with Diet Coke cans!!

BTW I tend to share DIY projects that are doable for an average person (like me!) Trust me, not everything on Pinterest is as easy as they make it seem. If you have not incurred a few Pinterest fails by now, you are too damn perfect and we cannot be friends!



A Citrus Color Themed House

I can’t stop¬†oooooh aaaaah’ing over this house!!!

Everything is so meticulously designed and immaculately presented!


101651735.jpg.rendition.largest 101651742.jpg.rendition.largest 101651750.jpg.rendition.largest





101651724.jpg.rendition.largest 101651727.jpg.rendition.largest

via BHG

…and here comes 2016!

Dear 2015,

You weren’t perfect.

You weren’t easy.

But you were appreciated

and a chance at life I was grateful for!

You gave me family, friends, more family, a lovable job and a home!

You let me struggle with health to realize all that matters in life is good health.

You took me to places I had only imagined and wished to explore.

I may not be where I need to be…

Yet I know deep down I’m getting there…

But…what is “there”? Well, it’s just another junction¬†you arrive at to get to where you need to go¬†next!

Lessons Learned?

I can tell you that


I have come undone but there’s still lots of space to grow…


It’s the little things that count!


Words are a way to show to the world you have progressed, as a human being.


Actions prove it!

Game of Thrones


I will continue to pray for patience & wisdom. Can never have too much of either.

Sargasm - word of the day

(…and hope¬†less for ^…I’ll try!)

I shall persist no matter what.


(I’m the chick in the yellow jumpsuit btw!)

Persist, of course, with grace, dignity & style!


In spite of my Cancerian genes kicking in!


So 2016, I shall look forward to thee!


Smiling and dancing! Yes! Dancing! It’s good for the soul…


PS: and thank you for Mad Max!


The movie…kicked…ass!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Something we learned in 2015…

center of universe

We are NOT the center of the Universe

We are all interconnected

We are not so different from each other

We share the same planet

In the end

We all strive for a better life

which is

To live with dignity!

Do good and good shall come back to you

And keep fighting to become a better version of yourself!

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.¬†Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”¬†Martin Luther King, Jr.

The end of fear, ignorance and pride almost never ceases well!

Shut Up and Be Patient

road to infinity

“And this is life. This is part of the bargain. The universe says, ‚ÄúHey, guess what? You get to exist!‚ÄĚ And we say, ‚ÄúHoly shit! That‚Äôs great!‚ÄĚ not realizing that existence is, by definition, a merciless and unending foray into the unknown.”¬†Mark Manson, Shut Up and Be Patient

Every now & then I lose sight of what can or can’t be controlled.

Until Mark Manson steps in to slap me back to reality!

If you have not read his shit, you’re missing out on some real shit!

So stop stressing, Shut Up and Be Patient!

ps: umm read that article!!!

Vintage went to McKinney, TX

OK, I feel awfully guilty for royally slacking on the blog!¬†I did NOT realize my last post was almost a month ago! Totally not acceptable. No wonder I haven’t been my¬†100% percent lately. I consider writing as my therapy. Not wise to be skipping out on¬†“therapy” this often!

But…in my defense…I have been busy prepping for the new house (shopping, shopping, etc.), stressing about the move (I despise packing/unpacking), traveling (so excited to share my adventure with you –¬†post coming up next week!) and of course, work never manages to bore me¬†(ps: I love my job!)

About a month ago I covered a flea market locally in the Houston area in this post. This flea market was hosted by Vintage Market Days. I discovered¬†VMD on Facebook. Found out¬†it was featured in Country Living magazine as one of the “7 Flea Markets & Barn Sales Not To Miss in 2015“. This piece of revelation was enough to convince me to make a short trip to Hempstead. After spending a day and a half at the VMD flea market, I realized what a wise decision I made!¬†It was love at first sight! I heart barn sales to begin with (my sister likes to think I follow all of them on the road) and this one tops my list so far.

So you know what I did next. I followed VMD to McKinney TX a week later! Even better. The stuff was so great. People were nice. Weather was pleasant. And my company of friends & family in Dallas TX rocked! I spent an entire day at the event. Bought lots of cool stuff for the house.

I think my sister may have a point there. Looks like I’ll be a VMD groupie for at least the next several months. Have already noted down their 2016 flea markets on my calendar.¬†They are in¬†Dripping Springs, TX (near Austin/Hill Country) this weekend as we speak. Looks like I will be missing out¬†on this one ūüė¶ but check out the VMD¬†site and if they happen to cruise by your town, do drop by. You will not be disappointed.

Now off to pics!

PS: I picked up business cards of vendors whose stuff I really liked. The links/phone numbers to their shops are posted right below the pictures.

List of Vendors:

Vintage came to Houston!

Well…sorta…it came to a little town north¬†of Houston named Hempstead over this past weekend…and left ūüė¶

It was the event I had been waiting for – Vintage Market Days, featured in Country Living as one of the “7 Flea Markets & Barn Sales Not To Miss in 2015“!

Did I tell you one of my New Years resolution for next year is to visit every damn barn sale in this country?

The addiction sprung up sometime around late last year as I perused through blogs and magazines to rediscover my design style. There was an emerging propensity in my heart towards all things old and it wasn’t until I picked up an issue of Better Homes & Garden¬†that I knew I had found my Home. And before you know it,¬†flea markets and barn sales began to crowd my 2015 calendar.

My biggest show was going to be the Roundtop Antique Fair¬†in September/October of this year – one of country’s biggest¬†flea markets stretching¬†across¬†25 miles between Fayetteville and Carmine¬†over the course of two weeks.¬†It’s main attraction – Marburger Farm Antique Show. OKAY! I’ll stop right there! Only because THIS antique fair deserves a post of its own; I am itching to put¬†my¬†two cents¬†in!!

Anyhow, so back to Vintage Market Days. Country Living was absolutely on point! This was indeed a¬†well organized and an absolute FUN barn sale to go to. Small¬†but relevant with some interestingly¬†unique pieces. And most importantly, prices everywhere were¬†REASONABLE¬†for a flea market rated high on Country Living’s list. Each time I laid my hands on a piece, I found it to be priced right around¬†how much I would pay for it. Vendors were super nice and chatty. I spent a decent amount of time at each tent. The fair took up almost 4 hours of my time.

VMD is now heading to McKinney TX¬†(close to Dallas) this coming weekend! If you’re into this type of adventure and you happen to be in Texas,¬†I hope my pictures convince you enough to embark on a short trip to Dallas this weekend.

Here are some of the vendors from this past weekend (fortunately¬†I picked up several business cards; unfortunately¬†they’re sitting in another car as we speak ūüė¶ Hence the list of vendors is short¬†for now.¬†I promise to update this¬†post sometime this week to list¬†remaining¬†vendors¬†from the fair¬†so be sure to drop by again!):